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Ladies Leads Committees





 Welcome Committee:

This committee helps welcome new members to ensure they will be an asset to the group.

  • Provide each new member with a welcome bag

  • Introduce new members to other members of our group during the first 15 minutes of meeting time 

  • Greet visitors and provide them with a welcome packet

  • Keep Ladies Leads folders up-to-date (rosters, application, mission statement, etc.)



Social Committee:

This committee helps build relationships within the group through planning annual events and organizing social gatherings.

  • Events:  Organize annual events such as visitor day, networking functions, beat black Friday, etc.



Philanthropy Committee:

This committee is responsible for community outreach and involvement.

  • Nominate four charities per year, one for each quarter of the year, that support the goals of Ladies Leads and its members both personally and professionally

  • Plan a date and time for members to volunteer at the selected charities, one time per quarter

  • Work with leadership to invite a member of the charity to speak at a meeting

  • Members may support each charity by bringing donations to bi-weekly meetings and/or by participating in a volunteer event that will highlight each charity and its needs




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